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Leather Knots

How to do the adjustable leather knots

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This is never easy the first time so if you need to do it practice for a while on some scap leather or string first.

first thing overlap the endsof the leather

working on one knot at a time, turn the end of the upper leather piece back on top (u-turn)

with the end of the leather pull it towards you and wrap it around behind the other leather

wrap it around twice towards you

tuck the end of the leather through both of the loops and pull it through. Try to leave as little tail haging out the end so you don't have to cut it all off.

Turn it all around so you can repeat the process with the other end. If you first one is not so good try to make the next one a bit better. Then you can undo the knots and try it all again. As with all things practice makes perfect.

Make a u-turn with the top piece of leather and pinch it. Pull it towards you.

Wrap it around behind both leather pieces twice

pull it through the 2 loops you have just created

with a bit of practice you should have something that looks like this

Cut the end tails short. Don't despair if you don't get it first time, it isn't easy.

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