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About Us

Wild Hide Jewellery is made using REAL Australian Crocodile and Barramundi leather as well as a variety of other exotic leathers set in an alloy called Pewter (drinking pewter grade) 

They hand make all of their creations in their shop/studio in the highlands behind Port Douglas, Australia.

They have been handcrafting jewellery since 1992 and have used many different metals and mediums. Over the years they have evolved their designs and styles to reflect their changing interests and also customer demand.

The diverse patterns and textures of specialty leathers from Australia have been of real interest lately. "Some of the leather hides we get are so amazing, the patterns are always unique and the different colours make for such an interesting piece of jewellery."  

We only use leather that comes from farmed or licenced suppliers so you can be sure we are not supporting unsustainable and cruel practices.


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